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Our Leaders

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Co-Founder & President/CEO

I am a “coal miner’s daughter”. That is usually the way I describe myself. I grew up in a place and at a time when we knew what poverty and need were, but the community worked together to lessen their effects on the community’s members. We were taught that no matter how ‘little’ there seemed to be, there indeed is enough for everybody if we just share. I still believe that a caring community can provide for all and all deserve to have its support to thrive. My life has been dedicated to helping knowledge and resources move from where they are abundant to the places they are lacking. A Hand Up lets me continue to support people helping people.

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Co-Founder & Vice President

I am very proactive about providing less fortunate people with the items and support to get back on their feet. At one time in my life I was homeless, went from one place to another and even stayed in a shelter with my children. However, with help from others, I was able to pull myself up and make a different path for myself. My passion from a young child has always been to assist less fortunate and economically depressed people. To start my journey, I’ve worked closely with the President & CEO and the CFO in a non-profit for 9 years. From there, I moved into the Human Resources field where I’ve been now for the past 5 years. My goal is to make everyone I meet feel like a human being and know their life matters to someone and this is why I co-founded A Hand Up; as sometimes, that’s all a person needs to get back on their feet.

Meeting room


Director of Urban Outreach

I consider myself a talented & gifted voice in my community. As a messenger and leader for the people, I dish out straight-no chaser, thought provoking topics & urban commentary. I speak & teach on what I've been through, to show others how they can rise above adversity.  My ultimate goal is to challenge people to think beyond what they know, and to question everything. 



Director of Communications

I am a servant leader at my core. I love giving back to the underprivileged & underserved. It's a rewarding feeling to make an impact in the lives of others.  I put my best foot forward in everything I do. As Director of Communications for AHUSS, my interest goes beyond serving the people, but also showcasing my knowledge in digital branding and content creation. I have over 12 years experience in this industry and passionate about my craft.  I take pride in my work and love making sure our site is functional, visually appealing and user-friendly. I look forward to building and developing with AHUSS!

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