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Kiera's Story

This is Kiera. She lives under a bridge. You would think drug addict, “lush”, crazy lady. She is none of that. She is one of our unhoused neighbors. For the small amount of funds she gets, she paints. She doesn’t have much but she has a kind spirit, laughs easily and still offers what she can. Today it is 100 degrees outside where she lives in a tent. AHUSS was privileged to meet her as we distributed emergency hydration (water & Gatorade) in her unhoused community. And for our being there, she gifted us this small piece of artwork. One of her “good” pieces. Not because it’s grandiose but because it is on “real canvas”- she doesn’t get to paint on that very much. These are the people society ignores and discards, but this simple gift should remind us that people with hearts like Kiera are a gift to us all. It is we who should be grateful.

Screenshot_20220808-142827 (2).png
Kiera Pic.png

Pictures from our Emergency Hydration Event

Screenshot_20220808-142743 (2).png
Screenshot_20220808-142807 (2).png
Screenshot_20220808-142709 (2).png
Screenshot_20220808-142750 (2).png
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